Small Animal Grooming Services

Regular grooming makes a real difference to our bunny’s health.  Not only does it keep their coat in great condition but it also gets them used to being handled.  It also allows you the opportunity have a check over your bunny for any lumps and bumps that shouldn’t be there.

Rabbits are fussy groomers, who insist on being clean and tidy. Rabbits shed their fur every 3 months. every alternate time they shed will be a lighter shedding, which may be less noticeable.

Short haired rabbits should ideally be brushed once a week, with long haired rabbits ideally every day.

We are delighted to be able to offer a new Small Animal Grooming service.


Short Haired Rabbit – £10 per hour

Long Haired Rabbit – £15 Per hour

Short Haired Guinea Pig – £5 per 30 minutes

Long Haired Guinea Pig – £8 Per 30 minutes

Appointment to be made in advance.  A Small animal groom can be added to your small animal’s holiday package on request. Please contact us on 01724 340297  or via our Facebook page or email