Terms and Conditions

Your small animals will be treated and cared for like one of the family and all their individual needs will be catered for.

We are able to administer medication to your pets if they require it. Medication to be in labelled containers please.

We ask that you bring their own food please so as not to upset their tummies, these are to be in labelled containers or packets please. Fresh fruit, veg and hay will be given daily to ensure they keep fit and healthy (unless you direct us otherwise). Fresh water is provided for all hutches and runs in clean and disinfected water bottles and/or bowls. We have plenty of lawn for them to play and exercise on each day in secure runs, as weather permits.

If they have their own personal toys, please bring them with you.  We do not provide toys due to hygiene considerations.

All animal housing is cleaned regularly and disinfected at the end of each week and stay of animals. For those of you who bring your pets in their own homes, these will be cleaned and disinfected before you take them home so you don’t have to do it when you get back.

Please ensure that all rabbits are up to date with their Myxomatosis and RHD vaccinations. We DO NOT accept any rabbit that has not been vaccinated at least 2 months before their stay. We use the Old Registery Veterinary Practice Scunthorpe or Pinfold House Veterinary Centre in Misterton, but if any of your animals unfortunately get sick and you wish us to take them to your own particular vet, please ensure you have filled that information on the Pet Holiday Booking form.

Please bring rabbits and guinea pigs in secure named pet carriers and hamsters and gerbils in their own cages so as not to disturb them.

Your animals are welcome for short or long stay holidays as our rates are on a daily basis and not per week.

You are welcome to come and have a look round any time to see how we care for our own animals and hopefully, that will give you confidence that we will care for your animals too.

Also, during your holiday if you wish friends or relatives to come and check on your pets, they are quite welcome.

Although we look after small animals, we can also do home visits if you don’t want to bring your pets to us.  There is an extra charge for mileage on home visits.

We guarantee the best possible care for your pets whilst you are on holiday, so you will not have to worry about them.

We guarantee that they will be given fresh fruit, veg and hay every day if their diet permits.

You must inform us of any dietary requirements, e.g. any allergies regarding fruit, veg, hay etc.

You must bring your animals own food in a labelled container so as not to upset their tummies and also so that we don’t get their food mixed up with other people’s animals food.

We guarantee that they will be regularly cleaned out and kept comfortable during their stay.


Unless otherwise stated, if your animal gets sick during their stay, we WILL take them to Old Registry Vets Scunthorpe or Pinfold House Vets, Misterton.

Costs for this will be paid by us in the first instant, but you are then to reimburse us upon arrival to pick up your pets.  A receipt from the vets will be provided to prove the costs.

We reserve the right to refuse to take any animal which is sick and could contaminate other animals we may be looking after at the same time, to prevent cross contamination.

All rabbits must come with a completed up to date vaccination card, proving they have had their Myxomatosis and VHD vaccinations.

We will not accept any rabbit that has not had these injections, so we can protect both our own and other people’s rabbits.

If your animal needs medication, e.g. antibiotics, please bring it with you with full instructions on administration.

We do not accept any responsibility for the death of any animal whilst in our care, as we will do our best to care for your pet and get immediate veterinary assistance, unless informed otherwise.

Please note:

Any animals left for more than 3 days after pick-up date without any contact from owners will be given to the relevant authorities for re-homing.

  • A 20% non-refundable deposit is due on the date of booking.
  • Payment is due via PayPal or Bank Transfer on the day of drop off.

For our pirces please click here

For any other animal, please ask for our rates.  As stated rates are per day.

Drop off times for your pets is between 4pm-5pm, this allows us to clean and disinfect hutches/cages before you come, unless by prior arrangement.

Pick up times for your pets is between 10am-11am, this allows us to clean and disinfect hutches/cages before the next arrivals, unless by prior arrangement.

Please return the form at least 6 weeks prior to your dropping your pet(s) off.  This is to ensure we have the space for your pet as summer time gets quite busy.

We are fairly flexible on the booking notification time depending on the time of year of your holiday.


Due to Covid 19 we have had to make some changes to our working procedures.

  • There will be a ‘drop off’ table at the front door for you to place your pet carrier (please ensure it’s a secure one that can be locked – not an open cardboard box – don’t want any accidents!) Once placed on the table please step back and we will come and collect your pet wearing a mask and gloves. We will wipe over the carrier and then take them through to their accommodation.
  • All Drop off and Collection Times to be arranged as this will be done by appointments. The system for collection will be the same as Drop off.
  • If we are collecting your pet(s) from your home, please ensure that they are in a secure pet carrier. We will come to the door and step back for you to place your carriers outside.  Once you have stepped back, we will come and collect your pet wearing masks and gloves.  We will travel your pet securely in the vehicle and will let you know as soon as we have them settling into their holiday accommodation.
  • Payments to be made on drop off via PayPal or bank transfer only please (so we are not handling cash). If this is not possible please put the money in an envelope and attach to the carrier.